Holiday Kill

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Sadie goes on a package holiday designed for serial killers and

finds herself reunited unexpectedly with her daughter, another

serial killer.



Excellent concept and idea.

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A psychiatrist is being stalked by one of her patients, but

soon realizes a terrible truth which questions her sanity

       Children of Fear

Logline: When Detective Paul Gemini rescues a girl from a

child trafficker, he uncovers shocking video footage which

shows that she was abused in a Victorian workhouse.


Logline: Racquel gets a job as a camgirl and is contacted by

her childhood imaginary friend Johnny, who leads her to explore

the nature of reality.

      Mind Show

Logline: A couple enter a cinema only to see the movie clips

reveal their memories and a deeper spiritual conflict in a highly

disturbing manner.

Brit doctor, famous among expats, feels Barcelona cultural and shifts into movies.

“The conflict between creativity and science reached critical and the resulting explosión of images and ideas…”

Steve Hunyi  writes for stage and screen and his material (screenplays for full feature films)  is represented on this website.

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Previous project:

"Boxed In" Short film (30min) in postproduction.

Private screening January 2017

Present project:

2016: Preproduction on "Invisible - Part 1: Garbage Trilogy", a series of short films exploring the definition of and our relationship with garbage.

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